Support wheel

The removable and height-adjustable jockey wheel on the "spatz"

Use on all "Spatz" lifting and transport equipment.
A helpful support at the apiary.

To work on the hive, tip the lifted weight backwards onto the support wheel with little effort.
Pull as needed from the working environment at the apiary.
Effortless transport of heavy frames or complete hives over long distances.

Before using the support foot:

  • Insert the support wheel into the mounting shoe on the telescopic column and secure it with a screw.
  • Adjustment of the tilt angle, with the height of the mounting shoe on the telescopic column.

At the "Spatz Kipp"

The Support wheel on the "Spatz Kipp" allows the lifted load to be quickly tilted backwards out of the working area, beyond the tipping point of the device.
Here, the support fork of the "Spatz Kipp" remains completely unloaded and on the ground.
The Support wheel allows quick and easy access to the brood even with low hive elevations, e.g. on pallets.

Space-saving transport in the car