Behältergreifer für Edelstahlbehälter mit Bügelgriff <50kg


Contains 19AT.
Delivery time: 10 workdays
Additional duties, taxes and fees may apply for deliveries to non-EU countries.

Container grab for mounting on the Spatz D50; Spatz D260; Spatz D400 and the wire rope hoist.

For transporting, filling and emptying stainless steel containers in different sizes with bow handles.


The Container gripper is used for lifting and transporting stainless steel containers up to 50kg capacity.
It is made entirely of stainless steel and can be mounted on the frame lifter in a few simple steps instead of the scissor grab, for example.

Can also be used on stationary lifting equipment such as small crane systems, in conjunction with our beekeeping hoists.


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Weight 2 kg