Beehive lifter Spatz D400 Kipp: Even on uneven terrain. Tip away instead of driving away!


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To order, details of the length and width (including handles) of the frames used are required.
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The price for this device is valid in combination with our scissor grab.
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Honey trays after lifting from the hive, for free access to the brood, with little effort simply backwards tilt

The Beehive lifter foot of the Spatz D400 Kipp corresponds to the Spatz D400, with an additional grid-shaped tilting function of the telescopic stand.
The tilting function can be used to save time and energy when working on the brood. To reach the brood, the lifted frames are no longer moved backwards after lifting, but simply tilted back.
Since the frame load is above the tyres after tipping back, the Z. lifter together with the load can be pulled backwards out of the working area. Therefore the Spatz D400 Kipp also suitable for low hive stands (e.g. on pallets).
The eight-step adjustable locking device connects the telescopic column to the wheel axle and can be released with a footstep, and locked again after a new inclined position.
In order to avoid tipping backwards, make sure that the lifting weight is only swivelled to the centre of the wheel axle and then locked again.
The available tilt angle is 35°.
The connection of the locking device between wheel axle and telescopic stand, results in an additionally increased stability of the device.
Slightly bumpy booty positions can be compensated with the Spatz D400 Kipp, when lifting the load with the help of the tilt function.


  • Standard gripper: (In picture) Scissor grab
  • Air wheels: Diameter 400mm, track width 650 mm
  • Handlebar grip: Force-saving handling of the frame lifter
  • Lifting height / weight: 1750mm / Max. 100kg
  • Rope brake: Free-wheeling during lifting, with adjustable return brake for sensitive lowering:
  • Roller foot:  Processing of hives on low hive trestles e.g. pallets.
  • Total weight: 25kg.
  • Transport of the device: Can be disassembled into handy and trunk-sized parts in just a few easy steps.
  • Tilting device: Lock or release with a tap of the foot.