Pincer grab hanger and 4/1 wire rope hoist with backstop


Contains 19AT.
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Für die Montage des Greifers werden Angaben zur Zargenlänge in „cm ?“  und der Ausstattung mit „Griffleisten oder Griffmulden“ benötigt.

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Product video: 

Mounted on a rail above the hives:  Grapple hooks in use

Grapple hanger in the apiary.

A stationary lifting device with rollers and running rail, as a permanently mounted lifting aid in the apiary or in the bee trolley. Lifting and transporting of a maximum of two frames.
For transporting several frames or the entire hive. (The individual parts of the hive are connected with a tension belt).
On a running rail above the hives, the (honey) frames can be moved out of the working area over adjacent hives. With two runners on the long sides of the room and a crossbar, the lifted load can be moved directly throughout the room.
Standard parts, such as runner rail with associated fastening technology and rolling apparatus, can be obtained from the local steel dealer or metal craftsman.

We will be happy to advise you on questions about the design and fastening of the running rails with rolling apparatus, just give us a call!

Wire rope hoist
Our wire rope hoists are equipped with an easy-to-operate, switchable backstop. The clamping mechanism is designed for many lifting cycles and is very gentle on the rope.
The 6mm thick traction rope is made of an almost stretch-free and very tear-resistant Dyneema material.



Pincer gripper, with endwise gripping direction. Accommodates max. 2 full frames.


  • Bestandteile Zangengreifergehänge: Seilzug, Zugketten und Zangengreifer.
  • Translation: 4/1
  • Lifting height: 1 metre
  • Einbauhöhe:
    Seilzug incl. Unterkante Zugbalken am Scherengreifergehänge ca. 40cm:
    Seilzug incl. Unterkante Zangengreifer (gemessen ohne Greiferhebellänge) ca. 40cm.
  • Housing / Mechanics: Stainless steel.
  • Castors: High-strength aluminium, anodised surface and ball bearings.

Laufschienensystem:  Firma MEA  
Bezug über einen naheliegenden Metallbauer oder Stahlhändler.
Empfohlene Laufschienengröße: „A2“

Kleinkrananlage mit Scherengreifergehänge im Bienenhaus.