Beehive lifter Spatz D400: Transport even on uneven terrain


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Please note:
To order, details of the length and width (including handles) of the frames used are required.
Measurements are requested at the checkout!

The price for this device is valid in combination with our scissor grab.
When ordering in combination with a gripper of your choice, please request a quotation.
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Product video: Spatz D400

Download PDF: Beehive lifter Brief description

Structure / Function:
Based on the crane principle, as a mobile transport and lifting device. The telescopic height-adjustable stand is equipped with a mechanical double cable winch.
With the adjustable return brake (red lever on the crank), the cable winch can be blocked against involuntary run-off and loosened or tightened again in a targeted manner depending on the weight.
The frames are lifted horizontally without tilting by means of two parallel traction cables.

Thanks to its large wheels, the Spatz D400 Beehive lifter (wheel diameter 400mm) is particularly suitable for zum kräfteschonenden Transport in unwegsamen Gelände.
It supports beekeepers with the usual lifting work at the apiary. Also for the energy-saving removal and loading of honey trays or entire hives.

Powerful guidance of the Z. Jack with the help of the handlebar grip:
In addition to the standard handle above the cable winch, there are handles on the side of the frame lift column of the Spatz D400. They enable safe and effort-saving guidance of the frame lifter during transport, even in uneven corridors.


Space-saving transport of the Z. jack in the boot:
Push the Beehive lifter together on the telescopic stand and lock it in place. If the storage space is tight, it can be dismantled into two parts suitable for the boot by loosening a locking screw.

Application at the apiary with a few simple steps:

  1. Adjusting the required lifting height on the telescopic stand.
  2. Starting up the Z. Jack to the booty
  3. Lower the scissor grab to about 10cm above the frame to be lifted.
  4. Clamp the cable winch (red clamping lever on the crank).
  5. Unlock the scissors-type grab (push the locking ring into the centre of the axle).
  6. Lift the frame(s) up to the stop under the winch.

Now the lifted frames can be moved away from the working area behind the hive.

To drain the frame(s), slightly release the winch brake (on the red clamping lever).

Technical data:
Dead weight depending on equipment: 18-21kg
Lifting height max. 1,75m
Lifting weight max. 80kg
Payload on floor stand: max.100kg
Tyres:  Sturdy pneumatic wheels 400mm
Track width: 630mm

Download PDF: Beehive lifter Brief description

Scissor grab description:

With the help of the scissor-type gripper (lateral clamping, hive gap min. 25 mm) each frame in the hive, optionally also the entire hive, can be lifted quickly and safely. Sensitive surfaces of plastic hives are protected with attachable hard rubber jaws (option).

Option: Support fork for easy mounting on the telescopic stand.
Application for hives on slopes.

With the help of the support fork, the Z. When lifting the frames, the Beehive lifter is supported on the hive frame surface instead of with the wheels on the floor. With the help of the support fork, the Beehive lifter can be used to lift individual frames without the wheel base of the Z. lifter can be used.

Option: Support wheel to safely set down the loaded Z. jack.




Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Zargenbreite Außenmaß - bitte abmessen!

Zargenbreite zwischen 35,5 – 38,0 cm, Zargenbreite zwischen 37,0 – 40,5 cm, Zargenbreite zwischen 39,5 – 43,0 cm, Zargenbreite zwischen 42,0 – 45,5 cm, Zargenbreite zwischen 44,5 – 48,0 cm, Zargenbreite zwischen 47,0 – 50,5 cm, Zargenbreite zwischen 49,5- 53,0 cm

Frame length (incl. handles) Please measure the outer dimension!

Zargenlänge bis 42,5cm, Zargenlänge bis 45cm, Zargenlänge bis 47,5cm, Zargenlänge bis 50cm, Zargenlänge bis 52,5cm, Zargenlänge bis 55cm, Zargenlänge bis 57,5cm, Zargenlänge bis 60cm

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