Wire rope hoist

Cable pull with switchable backstop.

Our wire rope hoists are maintenance-free and equipped with an easy-to-operate, switchable backstop. Thanks to the rope-protecting and reliably working clamping mechanism, no wear is visible on the pull rope even after many lifting cycles.
The 6mm thick sheathed Dyneema Due to its high tensile strength and low elongation, this rope is ideally suited for use with our wire rope hoists.



Examples of use:

Not approved for passenger transport.

Technical specifications:

  • Translation: fourfold or eightfold.
  • Rope pulleys with ball bearings: Material hard aluminium, surface anodised.
  • Rope diameter: D 6mm
  • Standard lifting height: 1.0 metre
  • Lifting weight: < 400 kg
  • Weight: 1 to 1.5 kg, depending on the gear ratio.